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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: When I rent a car, do I need to buy insurance sold by the rental company?

  • Answer: With most carriers your insurance coverage extends anywhere in the US and Canada. As long as your policy carries comprehensive and collision coverage you will not be required to purchase the rental companies extended coverage.

Question: How much insurance coverage should I buy for my house?

  • Answer: At McLaughlin Insurance we take the time get to know you and your home. Based on the floor plan, build, location and interior details of your home we put together a comprehensive reconstruction value for your home using the latest cost estimators available.

Question: Is my child's property covered while they are away at college?

  • This is dependent on the type of coverage you as a parent carry at your current residence. Please give us a call and we can suggest the appropriate coverage for your unique situation.

Question: Do I need liability insurance for my business?

  • Answer: Yes! We know you are as dedicated to your craft as we are. You put in the effort to bring your business to life, now protect it to make sure it will be here for years to come.

  • Answer: Every person has a unique situation. Although there is no way we can truly quantify the value of a life, we can do our best to help you figure out this complex issue. Among things to consider are your household income, debt, and number of dependents. Give us a call and we can help you put together a detailed estimate based on your families individual needs